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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best Laid Plans

...don't always work out no matter how hard you try! The other day Nikki Rowe, who I follow avidly because she makes the most incredible wizardry accoutrements, showed some books on her blog that she'd made with faux leather covers.
Now you may remember my writing portfolios a while back,which I originally tried to make using leather; I just couldn't stop my leather from cracking. So faux leather got me very excited. I had a Dickens Carol Christmas swap coming up and got the bright idea to make some account ledgers that Bob Cratchit might have used.
Well long story short, I asked, Nikki replied & sent me her how-to. Turned out to be extremely easy to do which was fantastic as there wasn't enough time left to put my original idea into effect for making Tiny Tim stools & crutches. I got my ledger covers finished in two easy sittings! I'd already printed off the account pages. My intent was to have the ledgers open & send a tiny ink well and a quill pen as my swap contribution. Next morning after leaving them to dry overnight, I realized that I'd made them too wide. At that point, I could have resized the printed pages but now I was really under time restraint, and totally frustrated.
I made something else ...which of course, I can't show you until my swap partners receive them. Rushed to the post office with my parcel, only to be told that the zip code marked on the box was unknown. I was on my way out of town for the weekend so I couldn't even go back home to check for mistakes. It seemed like one of those hair pulling situations where no matter what you do, it goes wrong!
Yesterday morning I checked, the post office was wrong, my zip code was correct and off the parcel went!

Now just because the book covers didn't work out for my swap doesn't mean they're garbage. I'd made an extra one with the imprint of a dragon on the front that could be used as a wizards book and if I ever want to show a stack of books, I'm all set. Thank you sooo much for your fantastic tutorial Nikki!!
I'm now going back to my Christkindl market stall while I still can. Turns out that with less than a month til Christmas, my kitchen will be torn apart by the end of the week for some long planned renovations.


  1. Karin your books look fantastic. Easy once you know how isn't it..xxxx

  2. I love how your books turned out! They look like leather. The dragon is Awesome!

    Victoria : )

  3. Glad the tutorial helped out, they look fab and love the dragon. Love the colour you got too.
    Ive been trying with real leather too but can not for the life of me make it work and get the look i want.
    Your time trying to post sounds like my life on a daily basis, lol.
    Much love xxx

  4. Dear Karin, beautiful workmanship! Looks like leather! I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Karin, xoxox Christel

  5. Karin, son unos libros fantasticos, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

  6. These books are soooo beautiful, I love the dragon book :))



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