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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just popping in quickly...

to show you what I received from Kaisa. I had actually thought my skis were lost in the mail & I wouldn't have blamed the post office for keeping them. They are exquisite!
And not only that but Kaisa sent along these extra goodiesI didn't even realize that the scrabble box opened until I found a tiny scrabble letter on my table.
Kaisa, thank you so much!! I have a winter theme box in mind where your skis will go and your prep board will go into my vintage kitchen on baking day, if I can ever find the time to finally get started.

As some of you know, my kitchen has undergone major real life renovations since Nov. Other than for the structural work, I acted as builder's helper to keep costs down; now that this is finally done and just when I thought I'd be able to get back to minis, another major crisis is happening in my life, not of our choosing this time however ...that will involve a great amount of time and effort.
I hope, if things work out, to be back to minis sometime in May and to start my bread box kitchen then. Yup! that's the one I meant to start in the spring of 2010!
I'm going to make a bigger effort to stick to the plans I have for making some specific room boxes instead of just letting them remain as ideas floating in my head and not get side tracked by all the lovely things I see some of you making.
I hope to be on facebook or here every once in a while ....but I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I'll keep reading all your blogs so watch for a comment now or then.
In the meantime, have a lovely spring!