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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giveaways I missed

For some reason I missed Sonia's giveaway; I did have a tab for it opened. Sorry about that! It ends July 10th so hurry to enter!

Monday, July 4, 2011

July-August Give-aways

ends July 8th

ends July 10th

ends July 14th

ends July 15th

ends July 16th

ends July 18th

ends July 22nd

ends July 27th

ends July 30th

ends August 1st

ends August 12th

If I forgot anyone, send me your link and I'll add you to the list!

Well, summer's finally here...

At last we're getting continuous warm weather and lots of sun! Very important when you consider the sort and length of winter that this part of Canada gets.

Seemed that this year July 1st, Canada Day, was celebrated with the kind ecstatic enthusiasm that's typically American rather than with the normal Canadian laid-back style.
Wills and Kate, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada; our newspapers are daily filled with her wardrobe choices (made me do some clothes shopping as well LOL). The Pride Parade was as controversial and colorful as always. There were fireworks everywhere including next door that made our house boom like we were under attack.
We had our first summer party during the holiday weekend. Whenever my step-daughter visits from England, she asks for a get-together with her friends and their kids. Our section of lake was absolutely filled with kids, including the ones from next door. What more can you ask for, from waterfront property: great sunsets and everyone enjoying themselves!

I don't think I've had as busy a July in a long while, as I will this year. I have one week to get ready for an AllThingsMini beach party swap as well as make some prezzies to bring with me to Long Island NY.
I'm going to my first doll makers convention & I'm totally excited ...especially since I don't consider myself a doll maker. Then as soon as I get back from that, I'm off to another one in Coaticook Quebec ...except this time it'll be my granddaughter participating (just my sneaky way of getting her interested in miniatures) She's a very talented and artsy 11 year old who just graduated from Grade 5. Here's what she and I will be making:
...not only a witch but also a table loaded with offerings for Halloween. Jade and I will be travelling by car through Canada on the way there and the US on the way back. Should take a minimum of at least 10 days, depending on where we stop and play at being tourists. By the time we're home again, the month will be over!

Then today I read that Caterina was going to hold another international swap this summer. I haven't missed a swap of hers yet, so busy month or not, I knew that I just had to find a bit of extra time.
If you're interested, you have until Saturday July 9th to join in:Click here to enter.

Well guess I'd best started but before I do, here's some promised photos of the Humpty Dumptys that I made last month:
The poor guy on the right will have to remain a WIP for the foreseeable future, still needing an Eton collar and ribbon tie...