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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm thrilled. I have my first follower, Jean, I didn't realize how lonely it can be in the ethernet void.

I entered Luna-Lei into the Fine Gardening's contest, 'Pets in the Garden' yesterday.

It's entitled " Just another flower in the bay window garden". In case you're wondering, Luna is a hairless Chinese Crested. What I didn't mention to the judges was that she's still in her PJs. I'm not sure that my photo is what the magazine was after but at least she is with the rest of the tropicals. I looked at some of the other entrants; some don't even include a single plant in their photo.

I've just been told that the snowgolf, we're going to starts at 12:30. So I'd better hustle. I'm bringing Vol au Vents which are puff pastry nests filled with mushroom bruschetta and some mini apple turnovers.....all homemade. Now, are you suitably impressed! LOL

I'll get back to the real minis tomorrow.

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  1. I love your Luna, what a sweetheart! She must enjoy your cooking. Thank you so much for the mention, so nice of you. Jean


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