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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a Crazy Winter!

It's been a really weird winter with ups and downs quicker than bungie jumping. A week ago Thursday we got 11 inches of snow overnight.
Then as soon as we got the deck cleared off, the weather turned mild!Open patches appeared along the lake shore. But as you can see we still had a tremendous amount of snow leftand since our roof is metal we really had to be careful when walking along the side of the house. When the snow slid off, it sounded more like mini avalanches. My deck was inundated ...again! Only this time with heavy snow & chunks of ice.

Last night there was a weather warning out for our area telling of up to 100km strong wind gusts. Every time I fell asleep a gust of wind would rattle the house and wake me. At about 2am I finally gave up. It was just too scary to close your eyes! We were finally downgraded to 70km winds and I don't really know just how strong the winds were but at times I could literally see the glass in my picture window moving in and out.
These photos were taken at about 7am, when we finally went back to bed. With all the trees around us, we were extremely fortunate that only small branches came down. And now as I write this's almost noon and visibility once again is reduced with big chunks of snow falling.....and all this within 9 days!


  1. Hi Karin :)

    I guess you had enough snow and wind for now, that moving window glass sounds scary to me... winter in Berlin is only cold and grey now, no snow since beginning of January, rather boring, lol! But you know, your winter pictures are beautiful, your place seems to be very nice :)

    Oh, maybe you should install a heating system under the deck ;))



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