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Friday, June 10, 2011

Follow Up

There's a new Hobbit movie in the making. Wonderful video with an additional movie trailer:

By the way, I actually did start my craft studio clean up on Monday & have been working in there every day this week.
So far I've supplied the Goodwill with approximately a years worth of stuff for them to sell; removed 2 double sized shelving units and 3 single units; taken out a bank loan to buy bins ...and I could really use more still! I converted the closet for shelves to house the bins. I can actually walk the perimeter of the room but not in the middle yet!
My stuff has spilled into 3 other rooms of the house and unfortunately I have no hope of getting finished before the end of next week.

To be fair.... before you think me a right pig & one of those hoarders you read about, let me explain that for the past three years, not only have I been housing craft supplies for miniatures but also the smaller antiques that I sell a room that's maybe 10x12 feet.
I finally got to the point where I had small shelving units in front of large ones. For about a year now, I've made do with a worktable space not much bigger than 18 inches square. I'd started working at my kitchen table again and wasn't happy about my newly remodelled kitchen being messy all the time.
With the economy so poor recently, I've been trying to sell the antiques that I already have and not buy more. This week I had a run on Royal Albert china but didn't have a clue what to replace it with. Because I sell antiques on a part time basis only, I've never bothered with inventory control. Unfortunately going to auctions sometimes means that you come home with box lots containing the one item you really wanted along with many more items that you didn't. So far I've found enough items to not only fill up that one market shelf but also to change the display on two other shelves. So I'm really pleased!

I have only one problem: I have a clay class with Kathi Kuti this weekendKathi is a most talented sculptor who sells at the Bishop show; I have one of her dormice and a white rabbit. Some day I hope to make an Alice teaparty scene.
She's agreeable to me making 2 Humpties as long as I supply my own clay for the second one. My problem is all my clay as well as my chalks and my tools are buried in the remaining mess in the middle of the room.

If I find everything, I'll show you my Humpty on Monday and my room whenever, LOL. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Oh I do sympathise. Where does it all come from. Sometimes I think I spend more time sorting than I do making. How I would love to start from scratch.


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