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Thursday, September 29, 2011

WIP #2 - Finished

At first glance, it seems fairly traditional, right?Well turn it around & look from the other side.... The doll that you see here wigged & dressed was done by my 11 year old granddaughter, Jade!
I'd taken her with me to attend 2 workshops in Quebec this summer. Being a very artistic person, I thought that not only would she enjoy them but we'd have great fun along the drive ...and we did!
Natalie came over from France ( and Helena from Belgium ( to lead the workshops. I didn't sit by Jade; in fact I left her on her own to do or not, or even how she wanted to work in the workshops.

So the doll and the Halloween goodies on the table inside the pumpkin are all her own doing! All I've done is put everything together and made the surround. Plexiglas cover and the wooden frame aren't shown as I just couldn't wait to show photos ...I am just so proud of my Jade!!!!

And here you can have a look inside the pumpkin where the Trick Or Treat table sits loaded down with goodies

(the white line in the photo is an edge of the glass cover)
Oh by all means, take a closer look at all the little fimo goodies that Jade made... there's a tea service, a haunted gingerbread house, decorated cupcakes in the 2 boxes at the back, a Halloween cake, a jack-o-lantern filled with treats; she made the jar lids and painted all the faces on the goodies.
The spoon in the bead jar and the Spooky Times newspaper sitting on the top step were a prezzie from Ketsia (another workshop participant) and the eyeballs (in the glass jar) were made by Louise Belair at whose house we stayed.The laughing pumpkin is another bead but Jade chose logo at the back and painted the table
Love you, Jade! So so proud!!!


  1. Great set up Karin! Jade must be really happy! She is soooo talented!

  2. Very clever...and how old is Jade? I think she must be about 20 and just dressed like an 11 year old for Halloween.

    She'll be teaching these seminars before you know it :)

  3. well, we can see this apple didn't fall far from the tree! Great job Jade, I too, am proud of you! This is a spooktacular scene Karin!! Love the "house" this was a fab idea, so glad you and Jade were able to create this wonderful piece together! xoxox Christel

  4. Wow, this is gorgious! So young and so talented already.
    Nice that you can share your hobby.

  5. Jade has an amazing talent and it is always so refreshing to see another generation joining and creating miniatures. Karin I love this project and I also took a look at your WIP#1 and WOW!! Great stuff and lots of eye candy to look at here.

  6. This is so wonderful! It is great that she is sharing your interest.

  7. What an amazing talent - well done Jade.


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