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Friday, April 20, 2012

Castle Maureen

Here's the finished roombox:
The castle is made entirely of builders foam, carved and painted to look like stone.
...except for the windows which are created by Angela Downton in the UK.
A view into the throne room.
Even the fireplace is made of foam...
All that's left to do is order the plexiglass cover.

I have one more castle roombox to make; this is one of the windows that will go into it
and again the laser cut window frame is a Downton original.

And then I'll enter the latest Greenleaf contest. I really hadn't meant to do this because like most miniaturists, I have a room full of kits that need assembling and had really planned to finish some of them during the summer.
I've bought the sales front, and the greenhouse as well,
planning on turning this into a roadside stand/market garden. I have some ideas for doing trompe d'oeil work on the inside of the store and greenhouse. This is something new for me that I've long admired but never attempted.
As for the front, I thought of a dusty roadside stand typical of the early to mid 20th century.
However as a friend so kindly reminded me, the garage that I started out with during the 2010 SpringFling, ended up as a fishing hut instead...


  1. Karin, this is my favorite roombox you've made. What is the size of it? Do you sell it?

  2. Love, Love, Love the room box!


  3. Nice to see you blogging again. Don't get too bogged down by selling, take time out for yourself!♥

  4. Forgot to say roombox is fab.♥♥

  5. Absolutly love the roombox! Issn't foam board great! I love Angela's work and have many pieces myself. Though I don't have any of her large windows just quarter scale.

  6. It's so hard to believe this building is created from foam and you have certainly mastered the paint finish. It's very clever indeed.

  7. Your fisherman's hut is terrific and so is your Castle Maureen at the opposite end of the social scale! The talent that you show creating this masterpiece from foam and paint is impressive. So happy to have found your blog - it is inspiring to say the least! As for copying - as long as we take what we learn and interpret in our own way, it is our own creation I guess. But slavishly copying someone's work and passing it off as our own - that's dishonest to say the least.


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