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Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, the full moon has done it again!!!

1. We've been without Internet on & off for the past week & this is the earliest that I have been able to post. Ah, the joys of living in the country!!

2. We are 45% into a new roof.......that 45% being without shingles of course! The next day we had torrential rain. And so my kitchen was awash not only with leaks but with pans evvvVvverywhere to catch the leaks.
I went up on the roof in the morning, after I noticed the first leak, to put a second tarp over the first one.
Now ever since I fell off the ladder & broke my ankle, ten years ago, I have been rather fearful of ladder climbing. I'm OK going up but not coming down.

  • The new roof is 6ft higher than the old one was.
  • I have never been any good with heights at the best of times!
  • Tarps...being made of plastic...are slippery when wet.

I managed to nail the new tarp to the peak of the roof. And then..... I started sliding !! ....hoping all the while that I would be able to stop before I reached the roof edge.
All this time, Ken is in bed with a humongous flu bug that's making the rounds. It must have taken me at least an hour...or so it get myself turn around into a sitting position. There's no way I was going to be able to get back on the ladder without someone holding it at the bottom.
Kitkat took pity on me & came up to join me in my plight. I think this will definitely confirm in his mind the notion that human creatures are useless beings unable to look after themselves and the fact that he is right to hunt for our food.
Took a while of yelling for Ken to wake up, hear me & come to help me down.
.......all that & I didn't accomplish anything with my extra tarp.

3. The weatherman predicts snow for most of this week!

4. We didn't get around to taking our dock out of the water last fall and so we have been keeping an eye on it. Orr Lake being a small lake does not.....normally....get the storms that occur habitually in Georgian Bay. After the torrential rains stopped, the wind gusts took over. Whatever they didn't finish on the roof made it sound as if we'd be in Kansas instead of in the safety of Auntie Karin's kitchen at any moment (see "Wizard of Oz" for explanations). After enduring this for most of the night, the next day emerged sunny if a little crisp. Since the house being 400ft from shore & the land sloped, seeing the dock at the best of times is tricky.
To make a long story short, Ken had to get on his chest waders & retrieve part of the dock, 6 cottages away where it had floated to.
It's no wonder the man is sick so often.

5. Two days ago, I was one of three antiques dealers whose showcases were broken into. I lost a $1500 diamond tennis bracelet. One showcase was missing an entire tray of gold rings. A third had an $800 emerald ring missing.
The thieves were obviously professionals. They tore the rubber seal from the side of my showcase; pried up the lock and made off with my bracelet. The mall was full of customers that day and there were 7 staff members working. And to add insult to injury, they took my lock as well as the bracelet! The police couldn't get any prints from the rubber and only smudges from the glass.
........maybe the Middle East isn't that far wrong in loping off a thief's hand!

6. I think I've gotten Ken's flu!

However on a bright note, I should be posting the photos of my thatched roof in a few days. if only I could say the same about our real roof.


  1. Good heavens! If I could give you a hug I would. It sounds like you need one. :-(

    I really hope things get better and quickly!

  2. My goodness, I'm so pleased you got off your roof safely, so scary for you. How upsetting to have your antique jewelery stolen. Looking forward to seeing your thatched roof. Miniatures are so great in so many ways, we can't fall off a mini roof!

  3. You win the bad day contest hands down Karin F.


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