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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.....say hi to Karin Corbin and take a look at her incredible Acorn Cottage! That's the kind of work that I inspire to. And having said that, I'm giving her my 5th Sisterhood Award. I'm going to look forward to reading & seeing more of her work.


  1. Why thanks for the award Karin, says Karin. Not only are we now sisters but we are twin sisters in name.

    It is good to have people to inspire us. My first inspirations were Noel and Pat Thomas, I read everything I could find that they wrote. I still have a whole notebook full of their articles. This was before the days of blogs. Now I get commissions from some of their clients so I guess I got to my goal. You will make it too, I have no doubt that if you want to you will.
    Karin C

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Karin Corbin's blog. You are right her Acorn Cottage is amazing!


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