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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you a Believer?

We went to a psychic fair yesterday. The fair was small so I'd say there weren't more than 10 mediums or psychics to choose from. The one lady who we had gone to see was busy & as I thought that there wouldn't be enough the time available for all of us ( there were 4 of us), I chose someone else.
As soon as I paid my money, I knew I'd made a mistake. My money was wasted and my reading so generic that it probably applied to 90% of the population. My son's reading was with the lady that we'd come to see and the things she told him about himself were dead on so maybe the parts about his future will be as well.
But the really interesting thing she told him was actually for me. She claimed that at the start of the reading a small, female, black & white dog jumped up on her table, who the medium said had been lost & never found again, who thanked me thru her for all the care, attention & love that she had received, who said that that at times she wasn't sure who she belonged to. The medium went on to say that the dog had been sick & preferred its actual end to one that would have caused me great emotional pain & suffering.
A year ago on June 23rd, my 16yr old black & white shih tzu was dognapped and despite phoning & visiting every humane society within a 100km radius, as well as writing to numerous newspapers, I have never heard anything about her again. Tizzy lived with me for most of her life but also spent a few years living at my son's house. Although I've long thought my Tizzy dead, I still think about her often & at times call my current dog by my former dogs' name. Luna, my current furbaby is a hairless Chinese Crested....there is no way I could mistake the two dogs. We all listened to the CD afterwards & at no time did my son divulge any information.
How eerie is that!! The lady is based out of London Ontario; so we'll have to keep an eye out for psychic fairs in that region. I do so want a reading with her!

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