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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Remember back in grade school...
First day back after summer vacation...
There you are in new clothes excitedly telling all your friends what you did all summer.
Then the bell rang. You'd hurry in. Find a desk next to your best friend....but not too near the front. Those seats were reserved for the brown nosers.
Finally after looking all around to see where everyone else was seated, you'd look at the blackboard at the front and..... Oh no! :

Write an essay about "What I did on my summer vacation"!

Your mind immediately goes blank!
Too bad they didn't let you do a pict-o-gram back then.

Here's how I spent my Halloween:

may I present: Countess Lunula

I sat next to the mad ballooner who just had too much time errr make that balloons on his hands..
here's the Old Radio Guy himself. Not bad even if he did go as himself:
In case you're wondering: the blue balloon in front of Ken is supposed to be a mic. (The clown strikes again!!!)

....and then there's me! Wearing a face only a mother could love!!!!

........and to think this is how I opened the door to all those innocent little trick or treaters.

scary scary.......

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