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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who's the lucky girl!!!

...and I get to go both weekends!!

Activities include these fun events:

-FULL Day Fimo food/treat Table class by Nathalie Gireaud
-FULL Day Witch doll class by Helena Reijnen
-2 small round table classes
-FRIDAY Sales Table open to all
-LOUDEST (most colorful) PJ AWARD
-DANA's wigging demonstration
-JIL's needlefelting demonstration
-plus other participants skill demonstrations (I thought I'd demonstrate making hollow fimo Jack-o-lanterns)

HELENA from Belgium and NATHALIE from France will create a special witch and halloween table filled with fimo goodies as a joint effort. One class Saturday, One Class Sunday - with two more round tables by these teachers as an additional activity.

AND what makes this event so special (differing from our last minidoll convention in Las Vegas) is two very lovely ladies (Fran S from NY and Louise B from Quebec) will be hosting this event in their large homes!! SLUMBER PARTY anyone? A truly girl weekend get away! Wine, women, French cooking and time to relax, create and bond.

WoooooooHoooooOo!! What a way to end the winter blahs! Now all I need to do is finish my February memory trunk swap items, make enough items to sell at the London Gathering in April, find a wildly, extravagantly colorful PJ for July, and make about 30 jack-o-lanterns, and...


  1. This sounds wonderful but I'm slightly confused. The two ladies hosting the weekend in their homes seem to live in two different cities...and countries??!!

  2. Nevermind...I missread. It's two different weekends. Your ARE the lucky girl!

  3. Ohhh... I wish there would be so much in Germany, have fun lucky girl :))


    ps. did you see my newest dolls? The fairy boy (he has a new hairstyle), and his mouse friend...

  4. Oh Bliss, two whole weekends. Sounds like heaven to me, enjoy.

  5. Wow, you are a lucky lady!
    And London too?!


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