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Monday, May 23, 2011

Psssst, Don't tell anyone...'s something I don't tell too many people: I love teddy bears. I used to have a huge collection but then I downsized somewhat. I still have them in just about every room of my house, just not as many.
I'm subscribed to a number of bear makers blogs & whenever they show off a new creation, I just salivate. Those type of bears are all OOAK so I could never hope to buy one. But I live in hopes that maybe I can win one.
Keep your fingers crossed for me; I'd love to own/win May-Bee. She's only 6.25 inches tall:
made by Ginger and the latest give-away on her blog


  1. Oh, she's gorgeous, good luck, I hope you win her xxx

  2. Darling! Good luck, I hope you win. :)

  3. I collect small bears too and my largest one is about 9 inches high and my smallest about 1 and half inches. I love the little darlings and have quite a few!

    Lots and lots of good luck that you win Karin!!!!

    Michelle xx

  4. She's adorable~ I hope that you win and that she gets to cozy into your home. She'll be loved :)

  5. Karin ... that is the sweetest looking teddy bear I've ever seen! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I hope you win!
    hugs, luny


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