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Friday, June 3, 2011

Help I'm Buried Alive and Can't Get Out!

Ever since I got my life back, I seem to dissipate my time browsing my email groups ...or my google reader ...or eBay. Then there's always Etsy to look at...

I mean, I have finally finished that ski slope mountain of dirty laundry & you can again see my kitchen table. I've dug my new garden bed and planted all the plants that I brought with me from the other house. I did build my raised veggie planter and should be expecting peas and beans, red onions and kohlrabi, lettuce as well as a variety of herbs any day now ....but the one thing I haven't yet gotten started on is my studio/craft room.

I am now bearly able to get past the door.On the other hand, maybe today is too nice a day to work! I was just sent this auction notice:
ITEM# 7762
Large architects model or child's doll house 1850 to1900. This house was either made as a prototype for a larger commission or is the largest doll house we have ever come across. Measures 68 inches wide at the sides, 70 inches at the base, 31 inches deep front to back of the house, 45 at base, 60 inches to the top of the roof and 64 inches to the top of the chimneys. Original working doors and window, staircases and fireplace. In need of some restoration.
You can see more photos by clicking this link. This could be yours for a ridiculously cheap $8,500US.


Maybe I'll just make a start on my room.....


  1. hee hee- if it makes you feel any better my craft room looks the same and I've been cleaning it off and on for 3 weeks now! Good luck on the room Karin- if we don't hear from you in a couple of weeks I'll send help :)

  2. I was so proud to have cleaned my work area a couple of months ago. I vowed I would never let it get bad again and today I was looking at it and I think I am back where I started :) At least I know where everything is because I can see it. All of it LOL

  3. Me tranquiliza saber que mi pequeña zona de caos no es por descuido mio, es innata a la aficion......o quiza no???
    Prometo poner orden tambien a mi zona de trabajo, bienvenida.

  4. I adored the cup, had to share on my facebook and tumblr page. Today I am trying to get hubby to help me make some sense of my largest studio since I am in a sit only duty for a while ( possible foot surgery). Your post was great, I will be coming back for more !


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