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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Since Steampunk means using Victorian steam engine machines in a futuristic setting, just about anything goes. I've seen lots of really great costumes, totally cool jewelry, very imaginative orreries ....those are the mechanical devices made using gears and cogs to show the planetary movements. But again how do you show steampunk when creating a very stationary roombox? That was my dilemma....

....and my solution:my Victorian era says gray stonework, dampness and a propensity for growing moss...while steampunk says watch gears and aging machinery the watching eye is just a bit of spoof...Steampunk can represent something totally different to each of you.

....that's the beauty of imagination! It means there's neither a right nor a wrong.


  1. Hi Karin, Hope you had a beautiful Christmas! Love this! The watchful eye is very steampunk, very creepy/cool..mad max, meets waterworld..I love it! xoxoox Christel

  2. It is beautiful!!! I think that's why I love fantasy, magic, gives you so much freedom in what you want to create!!!


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