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Monday, September 14, 2009

And It Came up from the Basement Swap

It appears that I'm the first one to finish ...and of course I can't show you until Jodi tells me she's received it ...and since I won't mail it out until closer to the end of the month, ......this is just a teaser! TeeHeeHee

I really had fun with this swap. I definitely prefer to make OOAKs with the emphasis on the one. My next swap is a Make Swap and I only need to make one item for one person but until Wednesday I have no idea what we'll be making or even what the theme is. Talk about needing creative juices to flow.

We've had grey and overcast skies for the past two days and today it's quite breezy. Fall is definitely here. Altho I'm still hoping for some Indian Summer before the first flurries fly. My gazebo is about as finished as I wanted to get this year. I'll wait until next year to put the roof on. So with that nasty 4-letter S word and the 6-letter W word on its way, there'll be no excuses not to be creative.

My Christmas list of people to make mini gifts for is growing; I'm hoping to make some Halloween teapots; I have a pumpkin head scarecrow to make in the doll list that I belong to; I have a commission to make a baby; I finally got the Puppenfimo so will be able to complete the vignette for the charity auction. So why am I still sitting here you ask.


  1. Wow! That is fast. I am not even half way :)! Luckily there's a long weekend coming up.

  2. Karin I get to MAKE for you! I'm so excited! Who needs a bed in your little world? :D


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