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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Word Definitions

Do you know the definition of "frustration"?
It's when you live by the lake and threaten to throw an object that is causing you no end of grief into that lake!

If you've got a minute I'll go into detail: first off, I am NO dressmaker & that is the crux of my dilemma.
Do you remember me writing about my scarecrow kit & all my plans for it? I took the pumpkin head from this:

to this:

Not bad, you think, right? Right! That's what I thought too. But that's about as far as I got with my plans.
My scarecrow has a wire armature hands or feet. I thought to give him those later, after he was dressed. Fleshed him out a little. Afterall he's a scarecrow who only needs enough straw to scare the birds and no more! Took a look at the clothing pattern that I received as a jpeg...basically 2 rectangles to make pants, 2 more for sleeves & one longer one for the shirt. No clue as to size.
Thought I could do better so I surfed for pant patterns ....spent more hours than I care to admit. I thought I would adjust the size when I found something. Found some interesting doll clothes patterns but I guess there are no emancipated girl dolls out there. ...nary a pant pattern!
Made some pants....too big! Emailed for help and based on that, made him a little less anorexic. But now the pants are off....can't get them back on. Had to cut the sides open as I had glued the seams.
The scarecrow has gained weight; the pants are too small ...back to surfing! There must be a site I'd overlooked the first time! Again more hours than I care to admit! Nada. Zip. Zilch! Come to the conclusion that pant patterns do not exist! If only I had paid more attention to my home ec teacher in grade school....
Had another go at pant making.....this time they're too small! This was the moment where I got mega bad news about something that I'd been promised, that I'd anticipated. In short the answer to all my prayers..... but was no longer getting. That was the last straw!! Fraid I reacted like a little kid who'd been promised a day of rides at the fairground but who got to spend the day in the corner instead.
At about the same time, I openly answered an email from a lady doing the same kit who seemed to be having problems as well. Unfortunately diplomacy is not my middle name. Mentioned that I thought the patterns not only sucked..... but sucked big time. Back to surfing.
Next thing I know a pattern maker wrote in to complain about newbies with big mouthes denigrating all pattern makers. So I wrote her privately to apologize; sent her a copy of the jpeg. Shut my computer. Got myself a very large, very stiff drink. Had a good any other three year old would!
This morning the pattern maker wrote me & diplomatically said that yes, the patterns might have been better thought out and when she had a moment she'd be glad to help. But now I am at the point where I don't care! That damn pumpkin head is coming to live in my frustration drawer....possibly forever! Afterall I'm not frustrated enough to pollute the lake I live at....

I have had more kind words and offers of help or offers to fish the polluting pumpkin head out of the lake and take it off my hands than I thought possible. You all are such a caring community that, in all seriousness, I consider myself quite fortunate. How can I stay frustrated for long!


  1. OK so what you need are a few tricks up your sleeve for the next time you get into a jam.
    The trick is to use a piece of string as a measuring tape. A crotch is measured from the back waist to the front waist around between the legs. Tape a piece of string in that position and mark both ends. Then take the string over to the pattern and see how it measures up in comparison. You can do the same thing for the waist, the hips, around the diameter of the legs, down the legs, etc. Adjust the pattern you started with as needed.

    Look at websites that show how to measure people and then adjust patterns for pants and shirts.

  2. Thanks Karin!
    Oh and BTW I thought your soapstone rope looked really good. I had to look twice before I noticed that the cords weren't equal in size.

  3. I would have struggle too and I am also glad to read Karin's advice- will mentally store that away for both minis and normal size clothes. Hope that your day goes better today and that you are able to finish your scarecrow, perhaps after a bit of a break from him :)


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