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Monday, October 26, 2009

Ever since I had long commutes to and from work, I've gotten into the habit of not having the radio on while driving. Back then the silence enabled me to chill out by the time I got home. It was my time out to think with no distractions around me and has remained so since then.
So when I went to visit my son and his family on the hour's drive away....I spent my driving time thinking about completed as well as upcoming Christmas swaps and going over all my ideas of what to make. least that's where my thoughts started off.
From there my mini brain jumped to ideas for presents that need to be sent to distant friends who've sent things to me. I sort of feel obligated to return the favor. So I started off thinking of something to buy.
Then I thought of something to make.
Then I thought that if I make a roombox, I could just as easily sell that.
And somewhere in this long silent discussion that I was having with myself, I thought of all the vintage cup and saucers whose market price have hit rock bottom and even then aren't selling.... And suddenly the light bulb went off!

Take a cup. Stuff it with a tiny pillow. Add one sleeping mouse made of clay. Hang a tiny scroll from the cup's handle that reads: "Dear Santa, I've been a good mouse all year......". Glue a mini plate containing some cookies and maybe a piece of candy (all things that I've made plenty of and will most likely have leftovers of, once all the swaps are sent off) to the real size saucer.
If the mouse is covered with a little blanket then all that needs to be made is the head, at least one paw (clutching the blanket) and a tail hanging down.
Simple enough to complete by Nov 7th when I'm selling at a miniatures show. Simple enough to make more of. Some to sell, some to give away!

So start with this:
And make it into this:
We'll see if I actually get one completed.... He may end up in the lake along with the pumpkin head that I just couldn't properly flesh out. At the moment his nose is off center and one eye is larger than the other.
I'm sure I've seen a gif of this scene but for the life of me can't think where. (I know that someone else made a mouse sleeping on a piece of bread & covered with a slice of cheese for a blanket)

...cheezs think of all the work I could have saved myself if I had driven with the radio on.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh Karin what a great idea! And I think your sculpt is coming along beautifully...but I just melted when I saw that sweet little ratty face! That is a ratty...a dear little dumbo-eared, black-eyed, pearl-coloured and possibly rex-coated ratty! :D But you can keep calling him a mouse if you like. ;)
    (as you can tell...I have quite alot of affection for these wee little rodents...!) :D
    Can't wait to see how he develops!

  2. Karin , he is loverly !

    Sorry not posting back to you , although I sure did mention your sweet reward in my blog, of course......

    I will work on your other pets soon ! Please do mail me if there is anything I ought to do , I am not quite up-to-date with blog etiquette I am afraid :-)


  3. That's too funny!

    I'll be waiting to see what happens. :)

    Probably why I insist on the radio. ;)


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