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Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Baby

I had to take Luna to the vet's the other day to get some allergy medication. Hairless Chinese Cresteds are prone to skin problems....especially in the cold weather.
Well you know, how they tell you to be careful in hospitals because you could pick up a disease....the same thing can apply in a veterinary office except there it's not so much a disease you could come home with.
We came home with a Yuki

Little Miss Yuki (Japanese for happiness) or alternatively known as the Furball when she gets too rambunctious is a 6 week old orphan who was looking for a new home. Our vet takes in strays and unwanted animals & tries to find homes for them. He succeeded with us!
Miss Yuki spent her first day with us making all babies. Luna would have liked her as a new playmate except Miss Yuki is smaller than most of Luna's toys especially when the little Furball kept jumping in and out of Luna's toy basket, scattering toys everywhere and making a general pest of herself.
The only one not impressed with Miss Yuki is our existing kitty. Kitkat is still having hissy fits about the adoption.


  1. Sweet!!! My first cat looked just like that, same markings. :)

  2. what an adorable little kitty! I love her!!!

  3. Awww! Yuki is a perfect name for her!

  4. She is a lovely little furry ball. I do hope KitKat will soon get used to her :-)


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