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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once upon a time: Part III our last episode, the owners had just gotten their house back. Fortunately the tenants had not only moved out of the house by midnight of the day their eviction called for but had actually taken all the filled garbage bags that were seen by the side of the garage throughout their last month of tenancy.

The owners gave themselves one month to get the house back into a shape where they could put it up for sale & reasonably expect someone to buy it. But before they could start, they had to remove all the original building materials that the tenants had taken down ...all of which was stored in the cold cellar located underneath the front porch. Nowhere did they find any sign of the supposed mold! However, what they did find was a seat from a car and a baggie with some tobacco(?) remnants in it. All of the materials filled a large trailer and off it went to the dump. Now they could get to work.
But wait... during a lunch break taken on the front porch, they spotted a hash pipe on top of the hydro meter. Hmmmmm stranger & stranger....

By the end of the month that they had given themselves, there was still lots to do.
Some of the updates to the house were normal such as having painters come in; parts of the hardwood floor needed stripping. Some were not: walls had to be rebuilt, ceramic floors finished off and everywhere doors along with their frames added. But most of their contractor's time was spent changing electrical wiring so that for instance, the light switch for the walk-in closet was no longer 3 rooms away.
Then there were the surprises such as the electrical outlet located directly below the bathtub....

In the end it took almost 7 weeks before they were done. They'd had to spend much more than what the tenant asked for in his invoice. But finally they could get their lives back instead of spending 7 days/week fixing, cleaning or acting as builder's helpers.

So, as we come to the point in all stories that reads: "and they lived happily ever after", in our story there are still questions to be answered:
1. Will the sales price reflect all their hard work?
2. With the housing market slowing down again, will they get an offer & sell?

Stay tuned.......

I hope you enjoyed my little story! For course, you realize that because of libel laws, all characters in this story were entirely fictional!
I have a bathroom tile reglazer coming in tomorrow but after that, it's back to minis and boy, am I glad!


  1. I am sure all your hard work WILL pay off! Hopefully things are back to normal for you both now!

  2. A very salutary cautionary tale! Really hope it all works out and everything ends happily ever after.

  3. How have you managed to stay sane Karin, what an ordeal to go through! SO pleased your on your way to sorting it, not good for your mini making budget Im sure having to do so many repairs and alterations to make up all their damage! Good ridance to bad rubbish , may you never have to cross such people again! I wish only the very best for you now! Kate xxx

  4. What a nasty business, Karin! I wondered where you were all the time... Hopefully you and your family is well and have all the legal advice you need. Good for you that these disgusting people are out now, I wish you all the best and that all your work will pay off!


    p.s. did you see my dollhouse men already? I am curious what you think, you know I study hard :))

  5. What incredibly horrible people! I hope the happy ending continues to a profitable sale of the house.

    But I have to say that your account of it all--partly thanks to the gall and stupidity of the tenants--is fantastically interesting and funny. The thought occurs that if you wanted to become a writer, it would make a marvelous book. All "fictitious," of course! I would buy it in an instant.


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