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Monday, August 22, 2011

Count Down til Christmas

Seems strange to think about Christmas when we're still in the throws of summer. Apparently there're only 125 days until the Big Guy comes bearing presents.

I was out doing some yard work today, tidying up after a much needed rainstorm. On either side of our property, we're bordered by very large shrubs with branches that have a tendency of reaching out where they don't belong. I had quite a few that needed cutting off which brings me to the reason of why I mentioned Christmas.
My wayward shrubs produce mini cones. As I cut the branches, I saved all the cones that I saw.Although most of them are green, I'm sure they'll eventually turn brown. Looking just like regular sized pinecones, they're the perfect size for miniature Christmas wreaths.
If there's wreath making in your plans & you'd like some "pine"cones.... mine are free for the asking; or just about free as all I'd ask is for you to pay the postage.
First email gets them. Please include your address so I can figure out shipping.

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