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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's been such a busy summer...

....I'm almost glad it's coming to an end! uh, no not really

This summer there hasn't been much time left over for miniatures between family visiting, get-togethers with friends and those two wonderful workshops that I took and the new friends I made. Then it seemed like I spent most of August recuperating, doing nothing.
So now here I go again...
Several months ago, I traded this castle roombox for a goth Alice in Wonderland.
Yeah, yeah, OK, I know.... another UFO idea! but I had this absolutely fabulous, out-of-this-world idea for a woven basket chair that would be perfect for an Alice teaparty scene. So as per usual I'm gathering all my things together.....!
This month, one of the forum groups that I belong to, needed funds to keep the site alive and I donated this roombox to the causeand another member decided it was a must have, as well. I offered her a few choices such as stone coloring; she chose sandstone but I guess it was a hard decision because now she also wants a second roombox made of grey "granite".
So I guess the busy-ness will continue. The timing couldn't be better and the weather's co-operating beautifully; we've got sunshine and the temperature's not too hot, just perfect for stone carving outside! Much too messy inside.

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  1. These are marvellous little settings and offer a lot of scope for mini scenes. What a nice donation to give. I'm impressed with your stained glass window too.


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