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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

Finally the beginning of summer! The longest day of the year!
I've suffered from S.A.D. for as long as I can remember ....Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as the winter blues that occurs when there's a lack of natural light. I love big windows and as small a window drape as possible. Altho I'm an extremely light sleeper & part time insomniac, I'd rather wake early than close the drapes at night.
Lately I've woken at about 4am to the sounds of a lone coyote. It gives you a shiver, I can tell you. Coyotes can sound farther away than they are and usually the howling of one will trigger the cries of another.
Coyote is a Spanish alteration of the original Aztec name coyotl. The Latin name means barking dog. It's only been within the last 40 years that we Canadians have called them coyote. In some areas they're still called Brush Wolves. They're also one of the few mammels whose range is increasing, despite extensive persecution.
Orr Lake, altho surrounded by vast reforestration, is within 5 minutes of a village and 20 to 25 minutes of two cities and one town. But when you hear a coyote or wolf, it still gives a shivering thrill of isolation.

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  1. I love big windows, too. Only mine are covered with sheer curtains that allow the sunlight in. Where I live, I'm lucky if I hear a mourning dove!


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