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Monday, June 8, 2009

Remember that ladderback chair.....well here's the reason I made it:

It was made for the Community Sale being held for Canada Day. It sounds like the entire town will be involved with sidewalk sales, live entertainment, silent auction, face painting for the little ones, BBQs and lots more. If you're near Elmvale on June 26th come on over! You'll find me selling inside the hall....

....and speaking of birthdays, today my grandson, Chris, turns 16. He may be sweet but there's a girlfriend involved so the rest of the saying doesn't apply.
We celebrated at his uncle's cottage on the Muskoka River.

It's the only place that's large enough for all of us to sleep without being stacked like firewood. The cottage actually sleeps 16 downstairs with 2 more bedrooms on the upper level. It's usually rented out this time of year so we were lucky to to be able to use it.
We had home made cake & ice cream

Chris got the lime green camera that he'd wanted. Hopefully he won't be too much like his mother who's a camera nut. Whenever we get together, she's right there taking 100s of photos...& that's not an exaggeration!
We had a huge bonfire each night with firewood gathered beforehand. And sat around it......huddling in hoodies & sweats, slathered thickly in insect repellenant. Each one of us including poor Luna, who is a hairless Chinese Crested, brought home toonie sized(CAN$2) mosquito & black fly bites. We could have stayed inside or in the screened in Muskoka room but that wouldn't have been as much fun.

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  1. This is such a Cute miniature scene and Your Grandson Looks so Handsome!!


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