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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a hmmmm moment

Looking out my window this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it had snowed during the night! I'd slept with the window open & it hadn't seemed that cold.
But I could definitely see bits of lingering snow on the driveway:
On closer inspection, I realized it's those darn old cottonwoods at it again.
Now before you get the idea that I despise my neighbors, let me hasten to add that cottonwoods are nasty trees that spew fluff everywhere at this time of year trying to reproduce themselves. ...And if that weren't bad enough, they also sprout up thru roots that branch everywhere, for miles it seems, causing you to trip over the roots & causing havoc with garden weeding because the sprouts are nearly impossible to pull out. If all that weren't bad enough, they're also a shortlived tree.....altho not short lived enough for me....whose branches easily snap in a winter's gale to land on any available roof.

We in Ontario have gone green....maybe not always for the right reasons...but green nevertheless!
Most stores here no longer supply free groceries bags with each purchase. In every check-out line you will now hear women complain that once again they have forgotten their canvas carry bags and need to buy the traditional plastic ones. Are the stores really using the nickle they collect per bag for charitable donations?? .....or have we been dinged yet again!

We've also banned pesticides. For years, everyone would spread tons of fertilizer on their lawns, and copious amounts of water in an effort to outdo the Jones next door for the prestigious claim to the greenest lawn. Then complain about the length of time & effort it took to cut their mini paradise. Here's a photo of our lawn leading down to the lake:
When we lived in the city, I used to dig up all the dandelions; we have too much property to do that now. To go along with the yellow dandelions, there are little red flowers coming up, called I believe, Devils Paintbrush. This is one Green effect I'm enjoying.


  1. That's so cool in Ontario. I know what you mean about the burden of nature sometimes. I've just cleand a sewing maching and cellphone out from ants and bugs. We live across from the beach so things rust and tarnish as well. Mom says that because we live in the tropics. Phooy! Now I've gotta get a $20 sewing machine bag.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love fields of dandelions, especially when I know the leaves are safe to pick for my rabbits to eat. ;-)

  3. Your bunnies would be safe pesticides!
    As for ants....we are inundated! The ground is all sandy. At least that part over the septic that's high enough not to be continually moist. But better than my neighbors properties which are both lower than ours & are a continual mud puddle, drying just before the fall rains start.


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