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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canada Day Quiz

So now if you haven't run away screaming in boredom, here's a Trivial Pursuit quiz (....and yes, we also invented that game) about Canada.
First one to leave me a comment or email with the most right answers, will receive some typical Canadian things from me, in miniature, of course.
Let's see how many of you can pass for Canadian, eh!:

1. Who was the first aboriginal actor to protray a native american on TV. What was his TV identity?
  • Chief Dan George, Injun Joe

  • Jay Silverheels, Tonto

  • Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Cochise

2. Which of these hairdos is stereotypical of a Canadian hockey player:
  • mohawk

  • brushcut

  • dredlocks

  • mullet

3. Where is the world's largest mall located? (It's been surpassed now of course)
  • Copenhagen

  • Edmonton

  • Singapore

4. Which sport is played the most by Canadians 15 years and older? (Careful this one's tricky)
  • Lacrosse

  • hockey

  • baseball

  • golf

5. Who said these words: "One little chair for one of you, and a bigger chair for two to curl up in and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle."?
  • Klondike Eric

  • Mister Dressup

  • The Friendly Giant

6. What city in Canada can boast of having the world's highest per capita consumption of Slurpees?
  • Winnipeg

  • Toronto

  • Vancouver

  • Calgary

7. The provincial capital of saskatchewan is Regina. However it wasn't always called that. what was its original name?
  • Pile o' Bones

  • Head-Smashed-In

  • Moose Jaw

  • Stuffed Goat

8. In 1998 the massive (and insanely cold) Northwest Territories were split into two autonomous portions. The western section retained the name Northwest Territories, while the eastern part held a vote to rename it. The winning name was Nunavut. What name came third in the balloting?
  • Bob

  • Sunnydale

  • Northwest Territories

  • Trudeaumania

9. Ralph Klein, the Premier of Alberta, added to his notoriety in late 2001 when he did which of the following?
  • While drunk, struck a bear with his pick-up truck, and then took the carcass home with him.

  • Drunkenly threw money on the floor of a homeless shelter, telling the residents to get a job.

  • Showed up visibly drunk to the state funeral for former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

  • Arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii, and skipped out of the state ASAP.

10. Like American states, the Canadian provinces have a bunch of official symbols. You know, official birds, trees, that kind of stuff. Some of the provincial symbols get pretty silly however. Which of the following is an official symbol of Prince Edward Island?
  • provincial haircut

  • provincial soil

  • provincial wind

  • provincial balloon

11. Only one of the following places is not a real town somewhere in Canada. Which one?
  • Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

  • Climax, Saskatchewan

  • Butt, Newfoundland

  • Dildo, Newfoundland

12. What is a toque?
  • a backyard hockey rink

  • slang term for someone from Quebec

  • a wool hat worn in winter

  • a sleeve put around a beer can to keep it cold

13. If a Canadian says she's going to Tim's, where is she going?
  • Church

  • Doughnut shop

  • Department store

  • Weight loss studio

14. A Canadian gets $17.66 cents as her change for a purchase. What does she have in her hand? (Even I had to look in my wallet for this one!)
  • One blue bill, one purple bill, one polar bear, two caribou, one sailing ship, one beaver, and one maple leaf.

  • Three purple bills, two caribou, one loon, one polar bear, one maple leaf, and one beaver

  • One green bill, one purple bill, two loons, two beavers, three sailing ships, and a caribou

  • One pink bill, one green bill, two polar bears, two sailing ships, one caribou, one beaver and three loons

15. In some parts of the country, notably the Prairies and the North, you will often see extension cords running from houses to the curb. You will also often see many electrical outlets on small posts in places like apartment house parking lots. What are these for?
  • Electric shovels

  • Block heaters

  • Electric windshield defrosters

  • Battery boosters

16. Canada has the longest covered bridge in the world (1,282 feet long). Where is it located?
  • West Montrose, ON

  • La Sarre, QE

  • Gold River, BC

  • Hartland, NB

17. Andrew Bonar Law was the only Canadian ever to do what?
  • Win the Indianapolis 500

  • Serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain

  • Board the MIR space station

  • Win the Tour De France

18. How many time zones are there in Canada?
  • 6

  • 8

  • 4

  • 5

19. Which Province has the largest concentration of moose in North America?
  • Alberta

  • British Columbia

  • Newfoundland

  • Quebec

20. When a Canadian gets his T-4, what is it time to do?
  • Vote

  • Pay his taxes

  • Harvest his garden

  • Die

I'll post the answers on Thursday.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 1. Tonto
    2. Mullet
    3. Edmonton Alberta
    4. Lacrosse
    5. The friendly Giant (who is also to blame for my love of minis)
    6.Toronto (?)
    7. Pile O Bones
    8. Sunnydale (?)
    9. Stuck a bear. If this is wrong, we should at least start the rumor :p
    10.PEI - Soil. Its redness makes yummy taters!
    11.Butt NFL
    12. Wool hat. Preferably with a pompom
    13. Doughnut shop.
    14. First choice w/ Blue $5.00
    15. Car battery
    16. Quebec
    17. Prime Minister
    18. 6
    19. B.C
    20. Pay taxes

    Happy Canada Day to you too!

  3. A lot of these are new to me and I was born here.
    1. Jay Siverheels - Tonto
    2. It used to be brushcut in the past but probably is mullet now
    3. Edmonton
    4. Golf
    5. The Friendly Giant
    6. Toronto
    7. Moose Jaw
    8. Northwest Territories
    9. Showed up drunk at the funeral
    10.Provincial Soil
    11.Eyebrow, Saskatchewan
    12.Wool hat worn in winter
    13.Doughnut shop
    14.Blue, purple etc - ist choice
    15.Block Heaters
    16.La Sarre Quebec
    17.Win The Tour de France
    19.British Columbia
    20.Pay his taxes

    Happy Canada Day to you as well - one Canadian to another.

  4. Karin, I have an award for your blog over on my own blog. Please come pick it up anytime.



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