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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this N that...

I always love to read comments that are left for me. Here's what Cate, of Solet Luna Studios wrote about my mouse:

Oh Karin what a great idea! And I think your sculpt is coming along beautifully...but I just melted when I saw that sweet little ratty face! That is a ratty...a dear little dumbo-eared, black-eyed, pearl-coloured and possibly rex-coated ratty! :D But you can keep calling him a mouse if you like. ;)
(as you can tell...I have quite alot of affection for these wee little rodents...!) :D
Can't wait to see how he develops!

This from someone who dresses their pug up as a pirate! LOL Luna, on the other hand....
Now Cate, as a fellow Canadian, you should know how prejudiced the rest of the world is or how long it takes minorities to become recognised. Excuse me while I just pat myself on the back...
I mean afterall,I'm a woman of the world; I know what's what! I've watched Ratatouille least once all the way thru without falling asleep... a major feat for me! Think about how much trouble that poor little rodent chef had just because someone called him a rat. Had he been a mouse it would have all been so much easier. At the very least, it would have meant less time spent under a chef's hat worn by someone else.
Rat conjures up rat-fink, rat-arsed.....but mouse inspires the words: innocent, cute, quiet. Besides now that it's flocked no one can really tell. It actually looks better than what you can see in the photo:

This is my first flocking. I began with a bit of trepidation since I really didn't want to have to pollute the lake if all went wrong. If nothing else the geese would never forgive me.

When I first started, I wondered how I would get the fur to fall properly but once I started cutting, it was all I could do, not to see Ara's dryer lint monster
So as you can see, my rat errr I mean mouse needs no french-english dictionary or culinary talent

to complete the phrase: "not a creature was stirring, not even a rat errr ummm mouse.

Now getting back to Cate's pirate pug....I happened to be in the pet shop on Saturday to order some new jammies for Luna. Here's what she looked like when her current PJs were new: I ordered red & pink long johns and the cutest little yellow flannels. No way could I ever get her to be seen in public dressed as a pirate. She's insisting on changing her name to Martina Navratilova when she goes out Sat night in her tennis whites.


  1. Oh Karin where to start! LOL! I so love your ratty-err-mouse teacup scene! So precious! And Luna in her little pj's? Cute is such an insipid adjective in the face of such cuteness! My goodness! Best not let my little rogue of a pirate see her! ;)
    And congratulations on such a good flocking job - especially for your first try! I'm sure the geese will be grateful to not have flocking added to their flock! :D
    And wasn't Ratatouille a dear movie? That little ratty, when he was in the jar...with his little paws up to the glass? Awwww! I may have to go and watch that again, in honour of your....ahem....mouse teacup scene! :D

  2. Your little dog is just so cute! I love that little rat too - all tucked in with an adorable plate of midnight snacks!

  3. Your Rat/Mouse (hehe) is too cute! I think you pulled this idea of brilliantly Karin! I just love it when ideas from our brain acutally come out right!! Caught me off gaurd to see my little monster - haha! I think your flocking came out a little more even (and less linty)!!! hugs - ara


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