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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Castle Roombox

First off, I guess I should show you what I'll be making in Nova Scotia, in September:I've decided it'll be a 12th century knights Templar castle. To prepare I read two histories about the Templars, a number of architectural books, books about the rise of Gothic cathedrals, books about medieval furniture. I've learned a number of new words ...aumbry and savonarola, just to name two. The one refers to a cupboard while the other one is a folding chair.
So with all my reading, I decided I wanted a special bower window, a larger fireplace, fancy door surrounds.... You can't ever say that I don't put my all into whatever I do! LOL
I could have bought a plain window but that's the kind that will probably come with the workshop. I could have bought a fancy window but it would have been the wrong size. Seems that commercial Gothic windows are wide rather than narrow the way I want it. I thought long and hard about it. My biggest restriction was the foamcore wall thickness of a 1/2 inch.
This is the look I was aiming for: It's from a Rik Pierce workshop known as Fair Rosamond's Bower. I would so dearly love to take one of Rik's classes.
I wrote to Rik, and when I didn't hear back, I started to make my own window. I thought about making it of wood or paperclay but with each of them there were drawbacks. This is what I decided on: What you're seeing is simply layered cardstock. My finished window would have been just slightly thicker than 1/4". Once glued together, gessoed and then painted to resemble stone, you wouldn't be able to guess it's humble beginnings.
Look what arrived in the mail today:Rik didn't even wait for me to pay him! Eventually, having written back to tell me dimensions and his prices (which I must say are very fair!); having told me that he would require a money order as he didn't have a Paypal account ....he simply assumed that I was honest & would actually pay him! I didn't know such trusting people still existed.
How cool is that!! Aren't I a lucky girl!!!!
I'm off to the bank tomorrow ....but I may still finish my cardstock window. Who knows when I might still need it.


  1. Wow Rick's windows etc are fabulous but you did such a fantastic job on your window you may use it in the future. It looks like an exciting project, you'll have such fun making it.

  2. What a splendid idea to build up your window from cardstock. I'll keep that in mind! And Rik? He is cool, to say the least and I love his detailed additions to the various workshop kits, like those windows and the gargoyles, etc. I am really looking forward to my next workshop with him in February. I realise very well how fortunate I am.... I am looking forward to see more of your castle too.
    Mini hugs

  3. Brilliant work using card for your window! It's amazing to me how creatively paper and card can be used.

    Lucky you doing the workshop with Rik Pierce!!

  4. Oh, that castle is fabulous and those windows - LOVE THEM! But your cardstock window looks also great, thanks for the idea as I've been wondering how to do them myself :)

  5. Ooooooh, everything - excellent!!!

  6. they are just brilliant :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  7. Wow!great work, incredible, congratulations!!

  8. Realmente genial!!
    Un expectacular trabajo!!
    besitos ascension

  9. oh- how sweet of him! I am always amazed that there are still people like that out there too- but then again, the miniature community contains some of the nicest people I have ever met. I love your cardstock window too- and would never have thought of making it that way! I love when people share their I'll be thinking differently when I try to create something- thank you Karin! I can't wait to see the work you do on this roombox- it's really going to be spectacular!

  10. These windows are amazing, particularly the one on the left - I love it!

    I'd never have thought of making a window frame such as that in card so thanks for that idea - it could be used for other things too. You made a really good job of it.

  11. Rik's windows are without a doubt fabulous but there is always a special charm about the things you make yourself I think and I am impressed with your cardstock window.

    This looks like a really interesting project.

  12. I absolutely agree with Norma! Your window is great!!
    Rik is a wonderful men and he is always helpful and generous.



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