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Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day - July 1, 2010

Our country's birthday is usually celebrated in a big way. We accepted an invitation for dinner on board a friend's sailboat to be followed by watching the fireworks on the bay.
Fireworks are twice as spectacular when you're watching from the water so this is one time when the bay is jam packed full ....from single boats such as the one we were on, to a number of boats tied together for company, to ferries offering dinner cruises.
Flags are flying and everyone has a grand time.
The really lucky people are the ones able to watch from the comfort of their living rooms.
There are several yacht clubs and I'm sure they were all as busy as the one we started from ...hardly even room for the ducks
By the time darkness fell, everyone had jockeyed for position; the bay was full; police with megaphones, onboard their boats had to clear a path for the barge carrying the explosives to make its way to the middle of the bay ...and the fun began.

This was my second time watching from the water. My first ...and my last time, using a totally automatic digital camera; small size might be handy but nothing beats a manual camera when it comes to difficult shots like these. What you're seeing is a culmination of approximately 90 shots! I was not impressed!
Poor quality photos and the cool weather not withstanding, we had a wonderful time!!
My thanks to David & Vera for a marvelous evening.


  1. Che bellissime foto!!!!

    Baci dall'Italia

  2. Perdón, pero me muero de envidia.
    La felicito por poder disfrutar de esa forma de ese día tan especial.
    un abrazo

    Pardon, but I die of envy.
    I congratulate her(it) for being able to enjoy this form of this so special day.
    An embrace

  3. Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!! Thankyou!


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