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Saturday, July 31, 2010

OMG... addendum!

I've noticed that maple trees are the earliest tree to change color ...usually doing so in mid to late August but I was really surprised when I found all those "colorful" leaves in the lawn.
Normally trees drop their leaves as a way of keeping moisture in and keep from drying out but that certainly can't be the reason this year. We've had enough rain with lots of hot days in between. The amount of rain in a growing season also affects the leaf color intensity, and severe droughts can delay the arrival of the fall color show for weeks.
The leaves that I found were probably from a sugar maple since they're typically orange-red. Black maples produce glowing yellow leaves, while red msaple become brilliant scarlet.
I'm already noticing cool nights so I guess this was my first indication of autumn arriving. Those leaves still came as a shock!
My hydrangea is in full flower & has been for a while.
I hope it puts on this kind of display when it gets bigger. And as for my runner beans, I have lots of flowers but not much in the way of beans.
Because Canada has such a wide range of climates, ranging from sub tropical to arctic, our most discussed topic of conversation tends to be the weather.
...and I am definitely not ready to pull out my mittens yet!


  1. We're getting dead leaves here, but it's due the extremely dry summer, small ponds have dried out and the grass is dying, but not going to waste the water for it. Your hydrangea is so cute, which that the colourful ones would survive here, but only the white ones do.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. We had a year when our runner beans flowered but didn't produce beans, and the culprits were bumble bees! They can't get into the flower (too big) so they cheat and bore a little hole in the base to get the goodies, bypassing the pollen dusting process.


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