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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Quiz Answers

here's the promised answers to the Canada Day quiz. How did you do?

1. Jay Silverheels, a full-blooded Mohawk, was a champion wrestler, a boxer, and a star lacrosse player with Canada's national team before setting his sights on Hollywood. He landed the role of Tonto the Lone Ranger's faithful sidekick.

2. a mullet: short on top, long at the back

3. West Edmonton Mall located in Edmonton, Alberta once promoted as the "Eighth Wonder of the World,"Centre ... 25 hectare site (62 acres); Mall size 106000 sq. m. (1140560 sq. ft.) Apparently the SM Mall of Asia has surpassed it by 36,000 sq meters

4. Surprised me too. The correct answer is golf.

5. The Friendly Giant, a popular children's TV program from September 1958 through to March 1985. It featured three main characters: a giant named Friendly, who lived in a huge castle, along with his puppet animal friends Rusty (a rooster who played a harp and lived in a sack hung by the castle window) and Jerome (a giraffe).

6. Winnipeg

7. Pile o'Bones

8. Bob

9. The correct answer was: Drunkenly threw money on the floor of a homeless shelter, telling the residents to get a job..
You want to know what's really amazing about this incident? His popularity went up afterwards! Alberta, what a delightful province.
"King Ralph" had long been known as a heavy drinker, but he vowed to clean up his act after this incident. The Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell was arrested in Hawaii on a DUI.

10. Provincial soil.

Ok, so maybe this isn't so silly. After all, PEI is known for its red sand. Except, as far as I can tell, that it isn't a provincial soil. No, instead it's "a fine sandy loam texture, is mainly well drained and is highly suitable for the production of a wide range of crops, including potatoes." (source:
So, does Idaho have a state soil?

11. The correct answer was Butt, Newfoundland.

There is no Butt, Newfoundland. Unfortunately. The other three are real, though. Beautiful Climax, Saskatchewan is just a short hop across the Montana border, for the next time you Montanans really want to see someone in the middle of a climax. Dildo is on Trinity Bay, a little ways north of the Newfoundland capital of St. John's. And next time you're visiting Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, it's just a short trip northwest to see lovely Eyebrow.

12. The correct answer was A wool hat worn in winter.

To Canadians, this is a perfectly normal term (pronounced TOOK). It's just one of those normal knit woolen hats one wears in winter (which in in some parts of Canada means about six months of the year). It is a French word, apparently originally specifically a woman's hat. I think all countries should adopt their own terms for these hats. If your particular country needs a name for it, I suggest "poogstrap". Just make sure you give me credit.

13. The correct answer was Doughnut shop.

Tim Horton's is "the" Canadian doughnut shop. There are more than 2,500 outlets across the country, and a couple hundred in the US (and let's not forget the branch in Kandahar, Afghanistan, at the Canadian Forces Base there).

14. The correct answer was One blue bill, one purple bill, one polar bear, two caribou, one sailing ship, one beaver, and one maple leaf..

The blue bill is a five dollar bill, and the purple one is a ten. Canada does not have a one or two dollar bill, we have instead 'loonies' for ones, and 'toonies' for twos (the toonie has a polar bear on it; the loonie has, that's right, a loon). The caribou, sailing ship, beaver, and maple leaf are, respectively, on the 25 cent, ten cent, five cent, and one cent coins.

When Canada did have two dollar bills, there was one province where you seldom saw them. In Alberta, they were considered unlucky, and people would refuse them if they were given in change.

15. The correct answer was Block heaters.

Cars built in the sunny climes of the US and Southern Ontario just can't quite handle the winters in the West and North. A block heater keeps the engine from freezing right up when the temperature goes way down. It is usually only plugged in when the car has to sit for long periods, such as overnight especially if the temperature is predicted to go below minus 25 Celsius overnight.

16. Hartland, New Brunswick

17. Serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain

18. 6

19. Newfoundland

20. pay his taxes

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