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Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Award Received & Shared

Mary of MizMaryMinis very kindly thought of me when deciding who to give this award to. Thank you Mary! She also has an absolutely fabulous second blogsite on which she has gathered an incredible list of tutorials....well worth a close look MinisTutorialDatabase.

Apparently this award has to do with reading. I have had a book or two on the go for most of my life & cannot imagine going anywhere without one close by. Since starting on this hobby, I do most of my reading at night when insomnia sets in but have been known to pull an all nighter or day-er, if I get hold of a book that I can't put down. Since I buy most of my books second-hand & therefore have a limited selection, that doesn't happen all too often.

Here are the basics:

Turn to page 161 in the book that you're currently reading. Find the 5th complete sentence & mention it on your blog. Then pass the award on to 5 other blogs

I am currently reading "All My Sisters" by Judith Lennox. The 5th complete sentence on page 161 is "Really Mr Bellamy, we've nothing to say to one another."

And I'd like to pass this award on to:
Doreen of Doreens Miniatures. Doreen is a "close" neighbor in the town next to us who writes about nature & interesting things happening near by as well as having a second blog that she confines to miniatures.

Elly of Elly in Amsterdam. Elly and I belong to the same dh forum. She's an incredible needlewoman who is also keenly interested in animal welfare & rescue.

Chrissi of Gartentiere kreative. I started to read Chrissi's blog to improve my german language skills and quickly became hooked on the adventures of her duck family.

Kathi of Beautiful Mini Blessings. Kathi is making a beach house & while I generally don't like sites that impose the owners choice of songs upon the reader, I fully approve & enjoy Kathi's playlist.....and of course, her beach front sagas.

Grazhina of New England Miniatures. Grazhina also belongs to the same dh forum. As well as finding the time to write her blog, and post tutorials on the forum, she & her husband run an online mini shop of the same name out of Kennebunk, Maine. I had been aware of the store long before we ever met on the forum.

I'm also going to just take a moment to plug the Dolls House Forum which since there are no "real life" mini clubs in my area, takes on the next best thing. My only regret is that most of the members live in the UK so I'm online when they're asleep or vice versa. But we still manage to get in some good "banter".


  1. Hi Karin! Thanks for the AWARD! So nice to meet you! It's always fun to meet other mini-lovers and see what they are doing!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings, Kathi

  2. I do most of my reading at night as well. But usually the book is the cause of the insomnia :-)


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