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Friday, July 10, 2009

where are my manners!

I got so carried away with my monumental news that it completely slipped my mind to invite you to celebrate with me.
First 2 people to leave comments can email me privately with your snail mail address & tell me whether you'd like to receive a pink & blue diaper bag, or a box(only) of truffles (french what else!)....miniature of course.
Since you already left a comment Kim, send me your address as well as your choice.

I know why the Pointer Sisters keep jumping.....
I'm so excited
And I just can't hide it....


  1. Congratulations, Karen! The first sale is always the most exciting. :-)

  2. Karin- I am so glad I came back- I am very excited! I will email you right now with my info- thank you so very very much!!

  3. Congratulations Karin. It was a lovely roombox and I can see why you are so thrilled.


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