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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surprises by Post

Ever notice how time flies when you're having fun? I've just taken two of my grandkids home after having them with me for the past 2 weeks. It seems like only yesterday that they arrived!
I will truly miss them. I just feel bad because the weather has been so rainy while they were here...but it didn't stop them from swimming in the lake & having to be forced out when their lips & fingernails turned blue. I didn't even mind too terribly when all the cookies that we baked seemed to melt into thin air...right before and after meals.
There's been a remarkable change in my 16 year old grandson Chris since I last saw him at Easter. He seems so much more mature & is showing quite the sense of humor. As for Jade, I see a lot of my characteristics in her....for better or worse! LOL. She is nine going on 12.
The house seems much too quiet and I miss them already. So when several packages arrived for me in the mail, it did much to cheer me up.

From the the dollshouse forum that I belong to I received a tiny bear and an award:

From my friend, Chelle in England: isn't that just the cutest packing case.... and English jam tarts & tea. What could be better!

From Dana of MsatMiniDoll a master tutorial CD containing Vol I & II & the full wigging tutorial. Now all I need are the character dolls that I ordered.

From Julia Cissell's Etsy store entitled godsflyingflowers, a 1:12 sized monarch butterfly. It's so incredibly tiny .....and made of clay!

Two candelabras from eBay. Can't you just see white dripping candles with skull bases in them....for Halloween.:

And last but not least, some books that I won from Cate & David of Solet Luna. Thank you Cate. They're darling! I will now be able to translate any Runes I come across: Thank you so much, everyone. What a great pick me up!!

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