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Friday, July 10, 2009

My first Sale!!!!!

Remember the Baby Photo Album that I made?
I just discovered that it sold this week.
I check my sales of antiques online. Hadn't really bothered too much as this year, thanks to the economy, sales have been down & lately I haven't had many big items to sell anyway.
Well, I checked this morning....reading off the individual items to baby photoalbum...didn't dawn on me (I have so much little stuff that it's hard to remember what there is. Read it a second time. And then it hit me!!!
That's my roombox!
It sat on the shelf for less than 6 weeks. I put it there not really thinking that it might sell....more for bragging rights, if you know what I mean!
And it sold!!!!!
Ken figures that I hadn't charged enough for the time that I put into it but the way I see it: I've only been into miniatures less than a year and it's all new to me anyway. This's a hobby that grows on me the more I get into it. I just love it!! If I weren't making minis, I'd only be bored, laying around doing nothing.
I am soooooOooo excited!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Karin!!!!

    It was adorable- I am not surprised that it sold :) What a great way to start the weekend! Woooo hoooo!!

  2. Wooohooo...many congratulations. It is a wonderful feeling when someone loves your art enough to pay for it isn't it.


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