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Friday, October 30, 2009

Truth or Dare....

I gotta 'fess up! Gotta let it all hang out! Gotta tell the truth even if most of my loyal followers run in disgust and cancel their subscriptions to my blog posts.
I am a blog junkie!

There! I've said it. Finally my deep, dark secret is out in the open for everyone to see! junkie....!

I started by reading one. I was happy. My life secure...
Then one day I was reading a posting that had a link to another blog. Oh the shame of it! My eyes lit up. My trigger finger twitched...before the realization of what might happen dawned on me, I clicked that link.
Instantly I was transported to another realm. I read! ....every post from the newest to the last. I was hooked! I just didn't realize how badly at the time.
That was the first. But quickly a second followed, then a third & before I knew and could still help myself my blog subscriptions numbered over a hundred. That's when I stopped counting.
OK, I know what you're going to tell me....Yes I admit I should have gotten help while it was still early stages. It's a disease, I tell you. Now even my emails contain links.
I read blogs about polymer clay, about building dollhouses. I even read blogs whose owners write about fancy woodworking tools, about turning wood on a lathe....even tho I'll never own any of those tools or ever make a miniature wooden bowl. I read foreign language blogs to keep up my language skills. Blogs about real size basket making; blogs about cloth doll making. I'll never make those baskets or those dolls... Blogs about shabby chic...about Russian village houses with fancy carved window frames. Blogs that only show items made to be sold on etsy. I read blogs about this and blogs about that.....
It never dawned on me how badly I was hooked! This morning someone slipped me a link about wrecked cake decorating. I couldn't help it. I had to look.... and that's when the realization finally hit....and I saw myself for what I really am...
....a blog junkie!

It doesn't matter that I'll never buy an angry toilet paper cake or a Halloween cookie with happy sperm on it..

never have one where a spider is doing disgusting things to an icing dog's behind.
or a cupcake whose decorator went mad with the icing
I snickered. I tittered. I went from posting to posting ever more avid for the next cake photo...and before I could help myself, I subscribed!
I don't know how Ken can stand living with me. Please, please, pleeeease don't tell him. I think he already knows. But when I look him in the eyes, I don't want to see his disgust written inside each eyeball.
I asking for help from each & everyone of you. Here's the link to cake wrecks. If you have any pity at all, stop me before I click again.


  1. Oh man - I can't remember the last time a blog made me laugh so much! Cakewrecks is brilliant! I just need to figure out how to follow it...maybe I'll just add the link to my favourites file...this is hilarious!
    (Sorry Karin, apparently I'm no help in this intervention!) :D

  2. I love Cake Wrecks!!

    You're in good company, since I'm a bit of a blog junkie too. ;-)

  3. there is a subscriber button at the right ...button only... so you will have to be familiar with google's subscriber icon

  4. Just a quick note to thank you. You mentioned Casey's Minis on the dollhouse forum. Before then I was muddling along on my own...and then a whole new world opened up. I can't get over how generous mini people are with their tips and tutorials. Like you I go from one blog site to the other...until I am hopelessly lost LOL!

  5. OMG Karin...what did you do!!!! I just spent 2 HOURS going throough the CakeWrecks site! I snickered, guffawed and just plain shook my head! Thanks! =D

  6. Seems like I am in very good company! I'm probably the worst blog junkie there ever was!
    Not only that, but I feel the need to comment on just about everything I see!! My name is Kathi and I'm a blogging comment junkie! :)

  7. I too have become a blog junkie and being just a click away it's ever so easy.
    It's a fab world, full of everything you can imagine and wish i had blogged sooner.
    Off to click the cake link now, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  8. oh yeah, you are not alone. I am an absolute blog junkie. I remember when I first realized it was a problem, before bloglines or google reader when I just had my favorites folder. My sister came over and wanted to see some site and I said it was bookmarked at the bottom. Half an hour later she got to the bottom of the list, I kid, but she wouldn't let me forget how loooooong my favorites list was.


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