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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ice Damage

That's what our dock looked like one week ago!

Here's what it looked like tonite:

The far end is competely submerged and the nearest one was pushed halfway up onto the shore.

I thought maybe this year we were going to be in for an easy ice-out! All week, open water along the shoreline widened. We had a new school of fish... Then today the wind started up and drove the ice onto shore.
Last year we had to retrieve the entire 3 piece dock from five properties away. Guess we should pull our dock onto shore in the fall like everyone else!

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  1. Oh, but I am so jealous you are right there on the water! How neat! We have water here on our small farm but it is creeks and some river frontage--we'd love a pond but they are quite expensive to excavate and properly set up! Maybe in the future.



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