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Saturday, March 27, 2010


My friend Heike just left to spend some time with her mom in Germany. In her first email she wrote: "it's mild over here, better yesterday than today but nature is about 1 to 2 weeks ahead of us in Canada. The pussywillows are already yellow, forsythias are in bloom, so are the daffodils and some tulips. I guess it's spring."
And today another email arrived in which she talks about visiting a garden center. You can't imagine how envious I am. While pussywillows are also sporting catkins here,
my one lone little primula is keeping its head almost buried in last years leaves presumably to stay warm
We've had a pilated woodpecker make a mess in the willow growing beside the driveway. I'm afraid that the next big storm may bring it down .....possibly on top of one of the cars.
It's super cold by the lake but at least its completely week sooner than last year. The water level's low. I guess in part because we had so little snow. Look at the front dock section; the ice lifted it almost entirely out of the water.
I've asked Heike to send some warmth & sunshine over here. Maybe soon....


  1. We are in bloom here some! Our peach orchards are a profusion of pink and today my husband planted about a dozen azalea's around our farm! It's still chilly at night but spring is on its way! Yay!


  2. OMG look what that woodpecker did to that poor tree! Yikes, thats got to hurt! ha, never seen anything like it, well happy spring, I can't wait!


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