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Monday, May 3, 2010

Are you over endowed with WIPs (WorkInProgress)....? Have you asked yourself why?

Maybe you're like me:
I have until the end of May to finish the Bait N Tackle shop so I can enter the Greenleaf Spring fling.
I have an old wooden bread box that I want to complete over the summer. I have more furniture than it could ever hold; I've bought all the lighting supplies and I've commissioned a doll for this project.
Every other month, there's a swap that I have to make themed items for.

Now you'd think that that'd be enough to keep me busy, wouldn't you? But oh no.... my brain is going into overload thinking about the hows & whats of that castle workshop coming up in September.

I've already changed my mind about what to do with it if when I complete it.
Here's just a few ideas: Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, wizard's chamber, Renaissance banquet ....and now my latest idea, a Knights Templar castle.
I've always been fascinated with the whole idea of this religious order of fighting knights; the order was founded on Christmas Day 1119 and betrayed & disbanded on a Friday the 13th, 1312. It's still the reason why we consider Friday the 13th unlucky...700 years later! Like many other people I was intrigued with the Da Vinci Code...which was loosely based on Templar mythology. Who knows; I have until late September to change my mind.

But in the meanwhile, I spent most of Sunday afternoon doing research....on the kind of window I want to use. Found it too! If you live in the UK, you'll recognize it from the All Saints Church kit. You can buy the windows in three sizes.
I'm looking for carved furniture although it'll have to be in kit form unless I want to look for a day job... Today I got a gazillion books out of the library on the Templars, Rosslyn Chapel, etc.
Hmmm wonder how hard it would be to carve chairs .....maybe I should carve a few pillars. Now where did I put that book on the Rosslyn Chapel.....


  1. Karin I think a Templar castle would be fantastic. It is such an intriguing subject isn't it. Maybe you could have lots of clues from the movie incorporated into it. You could even make up your own mystery that viewers have to solve by finding the clues.

  2. Me encantara ver como sacas adelante ese maravilloso proyecto.
    El tema de los templarios es uno de mis favoritos
    besitos ascension

  3. 上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安! ........................................


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