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Monday, May 24, 2010

SpringFling al

The building is finished....sort of.
I've had to redo the water and in the process hid the lovely colors that you all liked so much. Unfortunately every time I took the house outside to work on it, the epoxy softened; at one point while holding down a portion of the roof, I set my elbow down and loosened a small portion.
It seems that everyone else is building with a secrecy equivalent of MI5 or the CIA. All this has given me a dread of showing any more photos. ....not that I think I stand a chance of winning. I've made this kit just a little too dark and different.
This week I'll finish staging it. This is something that all real estate agents and house sellers know about: staging is that little something that makes a house "pop" and turns it into a saleable one!
Oh...and if you noticed that dinky little chimney pipe sticking up out of the roof... it's been replaced. If you've ever seen any old style pipes, you know they were all small but the one you're seeing really was out of proportion.

So instead of my kit, I'll show you the first photo I've received from my friend Chelle over in England who's busily creating another commissioned local pub Take about creative! Way a go Chelle. Hopefully I'll get more "piccies" as she progresses ...hint hint!

In local news...., we are the proud(!) possessors of our very own internet tower. Out here in the boonies, we have limited choice of internet. It's either dial up (yuk!), satellite or private provider. So for an exorbitant monthly amount we went private last year. This week our provider asked if we'd like free internet service in exchange of allowing a tower to be placed on our property. Need I say how high we jumped at the offer LOL!!

In Canada, May 24th is a long standing holiday that used to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. Many years ago when we started distancing ourselves from Great Britain, this traditional May long weekend became colloquially known as May Two-Four. In Ontario a Two-Four is another colloquialism for a beer carton containing 24 bottles.
Our May long weekend has become the first of the summer parties. We finally have warm weather; local beaches are full; local police are busy pouring out any filled beer bottles that they come across...and there are lots (This country is still puritanical enough not to allow drinking off-license) and tonight the skies will be filled with fireworks galore.

Thasssss all folks; have a great week and see you on Friday when I'll show you my staged ...and ready to "sell"...boathouse. BTW that's a dragonfly hovering above Jeff's head.


  1. Your garage is looking great! Can we please see more photos?:)

  2. Your build is wonderful!! So creative. I can't wait to see more of it. Teresa

  3. I really love what you've done with the kit!! Its hard to believe it started as a kit! Can't wait to hear how it goes in the competition! And congrats on fast free internet! yay!

  4. I agree with "The old maid" more photos please?


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