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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We get a lot of birds at the entire flock of blue jays, a very skittish
Baltimore Oriole that I haven't been able to get a photo of, lots of woodpeckers, including this Red Headed Woodpecker but I didn't think I'd ever get a visit from this guy... that's a close-up of a Turkey Vulture. These birds can grow up to 81 cm/32 inches with a wing span of 1.8 meters/6ft. and feed entirely off carrion. So in other words he's here to clean up that dead deer next door and not a minute too soon.
Apparently the Ministry of Natural Resources doesn't bother when the animals are on private property.


  1. Tenga cuidado dicen que los buitres son muy agresivos cuando existe comida por delante.
    seguro que el y sus amigos darán cuenta de ese animal muerto sin problemas.
    un abrazo

    Beware say vultures are very aggressive when there is food ahead.
    sure that he and his friends will realize that animal died without problems.
    a hug

  2. Oh, that Turkey Vultue is fab! We don't have anything like them here in Finland, they are so uggly that they almost cute :D

    We also have a lot of birds in our garden as we have 10 horses so the birds have tons to eat :)

  3. We have them here, Karin and they land in our pasture and stare at us as we drive by. Their defense mechanism is to regurgitate the fermenting carion they eat on you if you get too close so we give them quite a wide berth! LOL! We even have a local 'rookerie' of sorts of them--there is a large steel electric tower and they gather there. In October, near Halloween, they swoop and dive out and look quite eerie and spooky flying around with their gigantic dark wings!


  4. I can't top Jody's post. lol ;)

    I'd be dragging that deer to the street though. ;)

    Dale...we've tried to move it but it's now too far gone.
    Jody....nothing & no one can top that comment.
    Contar....I won't be going anywhere near...if only because the fermenting deer smell is too strong LOL


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