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Friday, May 7, 2010

SpringFling Garage....Day 4 & 5

When I was doing the faux painting technique workshop in Ottawa, the lady working next to me kept worryng that we were wasting so much paint and the rest of us would tell her that it was only paint from the Dollar Store. I guess we all have fears about trying something new in case we waste material or money!
I've been putting off carving case I couldn't make any that looked realistic but the amount of builders foam that I used on either side of my Bait N Tackle shop & adjoining boathouse really wasn't a lot....worth maybe 75cents, if that.
What you're seeing is the first attempt & I'm quite pleased with it. The right side needs some more contrasting washes and both sides need scenic scatter along each side of the buildings.

I also need to buy some glue that won't "eat" the foam; not all glues are created equal. LOL
It seems wood glue does not hold the foam together & I've sort of patched pieces to fit around the side of the dock. I also need to hide the pink foam at the back. That's the nice thing about photos; they always show you your mistakes...whether you want to see them or not.
As you can see I've built a "concrete foundation" under both buildings, otherwise the boathouse doors would have dragged in the water.

I'm off to spend the weekend with my mom. Monday, I'll start on the roof. I also need to create an ocean with whitecaps splashing in front. That's something else I've never tried before...
To paraphrase the Star Trek series:
"Go boldly where you've never gone before ...and to hell with the cost!"


  1. Looking good. I especially like the small deck out front.

  2. This looks wonderful! Yes, from what I understand some glues do gobble up foam! I will be quite lucky to get Joanna's house finished while she is still living at home--she is 10--so I didn't partake in the contest! LOL! Plus, my life keeps intervening in my mini plans.


  3. It's looking great. I think landscaping would be quite difficult, although you could use real sand and pebbles. Making water may be fun! Hope you have a nice weekend with your Mum Karin.

  4. Te esta quedando genial!!!
    Cuando le pongas el agua con las olas, sera impresionante!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Que bonito está quedando!Un beso.


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