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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Having spent so much time on the Fishing Hut, I can't decide if I need a break from making minis for a while. With the weather so uncharacteristically cool & rainy, I just feel like vegetating. I thought I'd heard that there's a rainfall record ready to be broken....

I'd like to start working on my vintage kitchen on baking day inside an old fashioned roll top bread box especially since my little doll has been finished & being sent out from Germany already. I've seen photos of her and she looks so sweet with her little face smeared with chocolate but I'd like to show her in her proper setting.
I have a July travel swap to make 4 items for.
I also need to start working on the 5 exchange gifts and 40! tidbits that I need to bring to my castle workshop in September as well as decide whether to buy or make the Gothic window for the castle tower room. I already know I'll be making the fireplace!
As Ken would say: "Why do you get yourself into so much!"

Don't know!! It just happens.


  1. ah- my hubby just said the same words to me yesterday! Summer just doesn't have enough hours, does it?

  2. I love the idea of the bread box but it certainly sounds like you have more than enough to do in the meantime.
    Vegging is almost working cos we have so many ideas then!


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