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Friday, September 17, 2010

CDHM Contest Entry & Qualifications

Doc Patty (MiniaturesFromClay) & I have been having a conversation about using my CDHM entry in my tutorial. It took another member on the list to point out that by showing my creation, I was in effect disqualifying myself.
I re-read the rules & sure enough that's what I'd done. I've written to CDHM to take my entry out of the running. Here in part is their response to me:
Thank you for letting us know. Yes that would disqualify you for participating with that entry. You still have time to submit another though.

que sera sera! I neither have time nor inclination to make another. I doubt that I even made the tub for them. It had been something I wanted to make; their contest just came along at the same time.

Here's a link to an article that I recently read:

When you read it, you'll know why I'm not that upset about being disqualified. Kathleen wrote about making your work personal. She ends by saying:
I'm actually feeling right now like all those years of making "stuff" in the end is just that - "stuff". I'm feeling like king Solomon right now when he said in Ecclesiastes, "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity and chasing after the wind". I want to still make stuff, but is it just a job to make money? Who cares in the end? I want to still make my work personal, but am struggling with how to do that right now. I am feeling the meaninglessness of worldly striving.

Getting lauded by people is mere vanity. I much prefer the personal satisfaction from seeing something I made & being proud of it ...sanctimonious twit that I am LOL


  1. Well, I think you are a winner. Your apples and tub are wonderful and I'm sure lots will agree with me. Dissapointing as it is to be disqualified for showing your wonderful creation, I too think that personal satisifaction is worth heaps more than a contest awarding a 1st!
    Keep up the fantastic work,
    Hugs, Julia xx

  2. Karin - I'm so sorry you missed out on being in the contest. Friendly competition is usually quite fun. However, I think that your sharing of how you did something is a true gift to the arts and crafts community. Each part of your tutorial will effect different people and from 1 tutorial like this you will have inspired and taught the skills for multiple projects to happen and a lot of joy for each of those crafters. I'll never forget a certain mini blogger that I thought was the greatest. I read her blog like it was gospel. She then made some gorgeous Aubusson rugs. Out of the 29 comments she got, half of them were people asking how she did it. She never answered the question. I don't read her blog anymore, nor do I enjoy seeing those rugs. They've lost the beauty that is intrinsic when you share with other artists the puzzle of creation. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and process with us.

  3. Julia....I follow your blog & love to see what you're making....that's how I learn! For someone to follow mine & leave a comment means more than a competition where the winner is chosen by by personal preference.
    Knotty....thank you for your comment. That's exactly how I feel!

  4. Tis a shame about being "disqualified" but in the end, you shouldn't really care. You made something clever and creative and were kind enough to share it with fellow miniaturists. And that, my friend, is what this hobby is all about. I have many times been asked how I made something and have always shared my technique. I once read on a mini blog that one shouldn't give away one's "secrets". Poppycock! No doubt it is not even a unique idea...most likely, someone else has also thought of it and is doing it. I never understood that. I don't do much clay work but that is why I appreciate these kinds of saves me tons of time when I do sit down to make something.

    Thanks for sharing...even if you didn't get to compete (and probably win!)

  5. I love your tub with apples. It is beautiful!
    I´m sorry you had to withdraw, but like the other comments I agree that knowledge is worth sharing, I love learning from other bloggers :-)

  6. Oh, it's absolutely adorable!!! I love it!!!

  7. re sharing techniques: I read somewhere about this person who had seen a dragon being made & "copied" it and who now asked when her dragons would be her own creations.
    She was advised to make 50 of them. By #49, they would definitely be hers.
    Unless you sit with a photograph of someone else's work in front of you, all you're doing is using the original person's inspiration.
    Note in question: NickyCC has been making tiny dragons sitting on crystal balls, in birdcages etc. I "borrowed" her idea but mine turned into a lizard instead. If I had my druthers, I'd still buy hers over mine any day.
    If I sculpt using Jodi Creagers DVDs, I'd still not be able to make it look like hers...not that I wouldn't mind trying for that. LOL

  8. To be able to create something like the barrel and apples from what is in effect a lump of clay and to make it so realistic looking is a gift. To be able to "see" a barrel in that lump of clay in the first place is sheer genius. It's good to keep a trick or two up your sleeve - we probably all do that but people soon catch on to the one's who are doing it all the time!! Thank you for sharing your skill.

  9. Aw Karin, that's too bad. I remember that rule from last year's contest. My harewolf was a big loser, lol. I'm not entering this year because I feel the same way as you. If you're only making minis for the money or vanity reasons, the joy is lost. It HAS to be for YOU, not anybody else, or else you might as well get a real job, lol.
    Your miniatures are fantastic Karin, and all I can say is the other contestants lucked out that you're entry has been disqualified.

  10. I love reading your blog because it always contains such useful ideas and really helpful advice. I feel honoured that I am able to benefit from your experience and expertise.
    I don't understand why sharing should dis-qualify you from any sort of competition but most of all I don't understand why anyone would care enough to snitch on you!

  11. one snitched. I wrote to them to disqualify myself. My own fault as I didn't read the rules & regs closely enough. I gather what CDHM is doing is gathering all the photo entries & posting them; then letting their members vote. If no one shows their creation, then no one can say vote for me I did such & such.

  12. It has to make sense to create minis that you yourself love - go for the joy that you can find in life! And sharing can sometimes be part of that joy - thankyou!

  13. Such a shame to be disqualified, it's a fabulous piece with a nice touch of whimsy. I sure hope you feel (justly) proud of this one!

  14. Siento que no pueda participar en ese concurso, es un trabajo increíble me gusta muchísimo y creo que es una de sus grandes obras.
    No se preocupe seguro que al ver lo que se pierden le pedirán que participe en otro.
    un abrazo

    I feel unable to participate in this contest, is an incredible job and I love it I think is one of his greatest works.
    Do not worry sure to see what they're missing will be asked to participate in another.
    a hug

  15. Well you little "sanctimonious twit",(I don't believe that for a minute BTW),lol... I will continue to laud you anyway. It is a bummer about being disqualified because you 'shared' your work. I think you would have been a winner.

    The best part is that you made something you wanted to make and gained personal satisfaction with a job well done. If you had been absolutely determined to win at any cost, instead of focusing on the joy of creating, you would have paid more attention to those rules. With you, the creating comes first then 'whatever', lol!

    Your work is amazing and you will make many more wonderful things and there will always be more contests. I think it says a lot about you that you shared your tutorial with your friends (for free I might add) because you want to give back to the clay community.That's a true winner in my book.

    Your day will come and we will 'laud' you all over again even if it might be considered 'chasing the wind', lol!

    Big hugs to you honey

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