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Monday, March 2, 2009

An Award Received & Shared

Saturday morning, just before heading off for my booth at the antiques show & sale, I looked at my emails to discover that Kathie: had made me into an award winning, whatever.
Thank you, Kathie!

I've been to your site & your work is amazing! And if you think my humble....choke, choke....efforts deserve an award, then I am doubly honored.
According to the rules that come with the award, I apparently have to list my five top addictions and then pass the award along to five other blog owners who will then have to do the same. Both of these will be hard to do!

First, the addictions, not necessarily in this order:
1. surfing the net / reading a fabulous novel......both equally important for my sanity.

2. #1 addition while sitting by the fire on a cold winters day or by the lake in summer

3. what else.....chocolate

4. bidding on an antique, winning it for way below its monetary value because no one else can see its beauty.

5. being happy......because after having done without for many years, I've come into my own: a husband (#3) who adores me (most of the time) and whom I adore (most of the time LOL), a great relationship with my kids, a passion rather than a job, and....and....and.

Now for bloggers who deserve this award:

Linda Carswell, way out in Tasmania who even tho she's creating a modern interior, has some incredible photos of Parisian housing which are going to provide the inspiration for my newest acquisition, the Gloucester. because she has an entire website devoted to tutorials, freebies, printables etc and it is people such as this lady who keep me....from dropping out.

Christine-Lea Frisoni, for her awe-inspiring house & the home-made furniture with tutorials. When I first got into miniatures....which wasn't too long ago, I thought that you had to buy furniture & accept doll houses the way they were meant to be built. Then I ran across her webpage, "creer et realiser" & I was blown away with the images of furniture made of bristol board!! That was a revelation that I've never looked back from.

Sandra,, Tales from a Toymaker, if only because anyone who writes about adventures with their 'other' children, can't be all bad and because she is incredibly talented with her 'little people'.

Jean Day, Jean is a very talented artist whose site also contains freebies and who writes in the most delightful manner. Thank you, Jean.

Some of these ladies have already received the award before but since there are only so many blogs that can be read in a day and only so many blogs out there, I guess it's OK. So many blogs, so little time!

This newfound hobby has given me so many pleasures, so many new friends....if I may call them that, so many teachers. I am indeed truly blest!

Oh and in case anyone is interested, Kathie & her award brought me luck at the show. Even tho it seems like I always come home with as much stuff as I went well as new stuff gotten at a good bargain from other dealers, I also came home with several pockets full of money.

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  1. Awards are also great for leading you to other sites. Hello Karin - I am almost a neighbour of yours. I live in Wasaga Beach and we go through Orr Lake a lot. It is a beautiful spot and we often wished we lived there. You are the first fellow Ontario resident I have found on the blog.


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