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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willkommen, Bien Venu, Welcome...Hoya

Up until now I've been very remiss at introducing my followers. I'm going to make up for that right now. Welcome everyone:


Lena from Sweden

Tonyina from Spain

Rachel from Wisconsin

Minikat from Chicago

Sasha from Florida

Pussman from Belgium


Doreen a 15 minute car ride away from me

Sandra from England

Taenia from Austria

Tiny Delights from Portugal

Debbie from Wales

Golden Unicorns from Denver Colorado

Tallulah~Belle from California

Jean from Victoria BC, at the other end of Canada from me

Mayte from Valencia Spain

I am so blown away at how this common interest in miniatures, in creating and being creative links so many of us from some many different parts of the world. There are paleontologists, celts, natives, single moms, stay-at-home moms, healthy people, people with health issues, people in pain, horse-y people, pet owners of all types, etc, etc, etc.
I'll bet Marshall McLuhan ( never thought we'd get this far, this soon.

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  1. That was so generous of you thank you so much again, I'm thrilled. We are on opposite sides of Canada, we traveled to Ontario a few years ago and we loved it, especially the antique stores because you have so much more history than we do on the West Coast, the houses were all so different than ours too. So interesting when you mentioned where everyone lives. Mini Hugs, Jean


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