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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good's a lovely day! The sun is shining. The mourning doves are cooing. But best of all....spring is on it's way!

And all this despite the fact that I got very little sleep last nite. The raccoons are out & about!

I have problems sleeping at the best of times but last nite was a comedy of errors: first Ken was having a series of rather vivid dreams. Usually during these, he thrashes about, actually moving as if running, etc. He was sent to sleep on the sofa after he kneed me in the back.
Then about an hour or two later, Luna heard something outside and started growling.....but of course, not before she made sure that I was awake & could protect her. From the living room, I could hear Ken yelling "burglars" in his sleep.
It was no rest of the weary this morning.... I couldn't even sleep late since I'd promised not to let Ken sleep in. He's taking the test in order to get his "small water craft" license today. .....and me, I refilled the garbage while the coffee was perking. Either the raccoons didn't like the taste of our prime rib bones or the odor of puppy pads put them off.

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