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Friday, March 13, 2009

Interior Design

.....guess I'm making up for lost time

Thank you, Home Depot: the flooring upstairs is a piece of sample's an easy & fast way to finish a floor. Too bad real flooring couldn't be this simple or cheap to install

for the downstairs, which will be turned into the "Fine Sewing & Millinery Emporium", I've laid out a piece of parquet that I've cut up into smaller strips, making sure that no two pieces end alike. the attic which comprises of "Mlle Eloises'" living quarters got some scrapbooking "wallpaper"

.....I frequently check Michaels for the scapbooking items that are on sale. Make sure you get enough to do a room plus a bit extra for redos!

Since this was my first attempt at wallpapering in miniature, it could have been better...but then I'm a perfectionist at heart. I would recommend doing this before installing windows & having a think about how you'd like to do edges....i.e. do you want to go around or butt them together. (going round is easier)

I think that a lot of attic edges where the walls meet the floor are wasted space & as in real life, if you eliminate them, it sometimes makes for larger rooms. So here you see how I'm starting to lay out what will become tongue & groove wainscotting. The piece in the middle allows me to finish off the edge of the flooring. And of course I'm using my favorite material...tangerine crate wood.

Don't forget to finish off around the top of the stairs.....just like in real life! Along the walls as well as adding a railing....
I've scored the wood in 1/2 inch increments, added a step and matchstick railings with scrap dollhouse wood banisters...
.....and voila, a smaller room within the attic has be created!

I've added shelving underneath the two smaller windows. You can never have too much shelving!!
if you look closely, you'll see baseboards at the floor edges & the same baseboard reversed to finish off the half walls.

Now downstairs, I wanted to have the upper walls wallpapered and the lower bits painted with a chair rail as dividing mark. I've reversed the stairs from the original Orchid layout & cut a second "doorway" in the partitioning wall to create a small nook underneath the stairs. I couldn't for the life of me envision how Mlle. Eloise was going to get up & down the stairs otherwise!


  1. I really like your attic, especially the room within!

    greetings from Vienna

  2. I love the pics with sunlight!
    There is an Award for you on my blog. Please visit and pic up. Thank you for beeing my follower and thank you for sharing such nice fotos.


  3. Those picture make me drooling. I am so impatient to begin a new dolls house but I have to be patient!
    Grrrr ;)

  4. Lovely house, i love the wallpapers!
    * marlies

  5. thank you all! Like any perfectionist, I see the faults more than the good bits so your comments are in part what keeps me going.

  6. Oh wow, I really like the interior of your house. The panelling downstairs is just great and the wallpaper upstairs really pretty. I agree about the shelving... ;o)

  7. oh this is beautiful, very nicely done! Lovit! ~*


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