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Friday, March 13, 2009

You won't believe the number of posts I've finished in my head while driving or laying wide awake in bed at nite when I should be sleeping......obviously none of them have been realized.
......hmmmmm OK, I'll, at least, make a start now:

I have a lot of DIY sites on my computer that have helped in the building of this house exterior & that will aid in setting up the interior of "Mlle. Eloises' Fine Sewing and Millinery Emporium" which is what this particular house will represent. I'd like to share:
(For those of you who aren't subscribing in a reader, you'll see some new links to the right. For those of you who are, the links follow & I'll try to make a point of showing all new links at least once in a post.)

Exterior aids first....after all where would we be without the bricks & mortar
building an authentic Tudor dollhouse
thatching in miniature
thatching 101
another thatching tutorial

.....and now the interior:
skirted tables
how to make a pleater board
folding dress screen
bales of cloth / quilt

hat boxes
more boxes
and yet more boxes

.....a mini course in dress making as well as other various paraphernalia
fashions of various eras
dress tutorials
2nd dress tutorial
anatomy of a sleeve
dress making

mini ribbons
silk ribbon rosebuds

hat seller
more hats
lace hat tutorial
3 hats tutorial
another hat tutorial

closed parasol
open parasol

suede purse
baluchon purse
lace purses

Edwardian Beading

shoes / boots

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